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We promote business growth in all innovative Australian Industries

We consult to Governments, Councils, Enterprises and small businesses to help them engage better with industry, address supply chain issues, support businesses in entering new markets such as defence, market strategy and more.

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MFA provides Australia leading industry workshop programs to enhance industry’s ability to enter and support exciting markets. We also provide governments with innovative supply chain services and market analysis and reporting.


MFA brings together the premier specialists in each niche area to create cutting edge solutions and consulting to support all of your programs. Build your supplier pool, train your staff or suppliers on industry practices, specialist consulting services on cutting edge technologies or tell us what you need!


MFA links you to a world of specialist support for any of your requirements or industry tasks. In addition, through our workshop programs, learn from leading industry professionals on key aspects of succeeding in industry such as marketing, tendering, cyber security and more.

We’re focused on providing clients specialised advice and services in the following key areas

We blend industry insight, advanced analytics, and a vast network of experts to help meet any challenge you have. We help clients build internal capabilities, understand the market, identify opportunities, adopt digital tools and transform processes for lasting business improvement and success.

Market Intelligence
Supply Chain Services
Training, Workshops & Webinars
Tendering and Marketing
Negotiation & Collaborations
Cyber Security
Technology & Innovation
Risk Management

Why choose MFA?

Australian and Veteran Owned

We know the market and keep local work local


Solutions delivered how and when you need to budget


Access to thousands of the best specialists across all disciplines


93% of clients provided 5-star ratings

Event News & Updates

Discover, Collaborate, Excel: Industry-Leading Workshops for Defence & Beyond

Horst Poehlmann & Steven Riley - Willyama

Cyber Security & DISP

Wed 5 Jun 2024@ 9.30am

Tendering for Defence

Tue 23 Jul 2024 @ 9.30am
Tim Walmsley - BenchOn

Introduction to Defence & Defence Industry

Wed 4 Sep 2024 @ 9.30am

Marketing to Defence

Tue 15 Oct 2024 @ 9:30am.
Tim Griggs - Defence Industry Specialist

Next Steps in Defence

Tue 5 Nov 2024 @ 9.30am.

The Story Behind Michael Fairweather & Associates

Our founder, Major General Michael Fairweather believed that if we educate and connect industry, and support them to achieve their goals, we get the best outcome for the country.

We build on this legacy every day and look forward to working with you, either at our workshops, webinars or directly.


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