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Our company is built on the belief that by educating businesses on the best ways to engage with an industry, and by connecting industry together when its needed, we get a better outcome for our businesses, industry and the country. By helping you succeed, we help create resilient, agile and productive industries that help the country succeed. This was the founding principle of MAJGEN Michael Fairweather who started the company to help strengthen our Defence Force in Australia. Since then, we have expanded our services to all industries and have a network or 4000+ specialist companies to provide the right support to you when you need it.

We don’t believe that any one company has all the answers to plethora of modern business problems. That is why at Michael Fairweather and Associates, we create solutions by complementing our team of industry experts with the market-leading specialists from thousands of small businesses in our networks, to provide you the most innovative solutions to your problems and the most cutting-edge corporate training to help you navigate the uncertain future.

What you can expect from us

Michael Fairweather and Associates is your trusted partner in the trenches when your business needs it most. We have built this company based on the following principles:


Trust is something we value above all else. You can’t complete any mission if you don’t trust the people you need to rely on. Trust that they will do the right thing, always, and not just take the easy or popular path


We will always test assumptions and look for better ways to achieve the goal. ‘That’s the way it’s always been done’ or ‘That’s just the way it is’ are the exciting ‘red flags’ that trigger our team to find a better way. This way we never get stuck working with outdated processes or systems


Our client’s success is our goal, so we go above and beyond to make sure that the solutions and services we provide are the right ones for your specific situation. We maintain our support to ensure that the outcome is exactly what was needed


Our Founder, Major General Michael Fairweather

Our founder, Major General Michael Fairweather believed that if we educate and connect industry, and support them to achieve their goals, we get the best outcome for the country.

Michael served his country with integrity and selflessness before turning his skills in leadership, innovation, teamwork, strategic planning and trade and governance, towards helping Australian businesses and not-for-profit organisations succeed in a complex world.

Michael set the bar high in all of his pursuits and we spend every day attempting to carry on his legacy. He is missed but his vision still lives on.

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