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A Connected & Knowledgeable Industry Drives the Best Capability

We don’t pretend to hold all the answers or the secrets to success. You need the best of the best to help your business which is why we use our professional team and our connection to almost 4000 subject matter experts to bring you market leading, local support. Here are just some of the services that we can provide:

Market Intelligence

MFA has professionals in all major industry sectors that can compile market and industry intelligence reports to support your strategic planning, product release or market entry.

Supply Chain Services

MFA specialises in a myriad of supply chain services including market canvassing and supply chain building, supply chain planning and management, tendering, workforce planning, data analysis on supply chain capabilities and reporting on supply chain activities and spend.

Training, Workshops and Webinars

MFA has designed, developed and delivered professional, industry training on behalf of State Governments, National brands and Industry Institutions. Our training is tailored by industry segment and delivered by the absolute best professionals in each respective field. MFA has an average of 93% 5-star ratings on our workshops and webinars.

Tendering and Marketing

MFA helps you win more work for your business through effective messaging, targeted collateral, pitching perfection and conveying your true value to your prospective clients. Understand what your customers are really looking for and let us help you articulate your competitive advantage and why your business exceeds the industry standard.

Negotiation and Collaborations

The art of negotiation can be tricky but with the right people in your corner or the right advice and plan, you can ensure you are more successful and protect yourself and your business in the future. We specialise in supporting business collaborations to make them safe, effective and mutually beneficial while also supporting your key negotiations to create the win/win solutions that you are looking for.

Cyber Security

MFA can not only help your company navigate general cyber security requirements to protect your business, but also help you understand and prepare for industry specific cyber security requirements for industries such as Defence and Aerospace. This not only protects you from cyber-attacks but also ensures your credibility and validity when engaging with companies in those sectors.

Technology & Innovation

From ideation through to achieving product/market fit, MFA can help you bring your innovations to life. We also maintain a thorough understanding of the new technologies in the market and can support you in finding the right innovative solution to your biggest problems.

Risk Management

Risk management is not about showing that your solution is risk free. Risk is in everything that your business will do, so by ignoring or downplaying risk, you are destroying your credibility with your prospective clients. Risks must be identified thoroughly and mitigated effectively to give confidence that you know what you are doing and have a plan to achieve the mission. MFA can help you analyse, plan, mitigate and communicate your risk management plan to help maximise your success.

Our Process

MFA provides bespoke consulting solutions that are uniquely designed for your specific situation. We range from simple solutions that are quite quick to more in-depth solutions that require a thorough understanding of your business and the problem you are trying to solve. It is up to you how we help and we will use a process that suits your situation. If we can’t help, we will simply point you to a company that we know can.

Discover, Collaborate, Excel: Industry-Leading Workshops for Defence & Beyond

Horst Poehlmann & Steven Riley - Willyama

Cyber Security & DISP

Wed 5 Jun 2024@ 9.30am

Tendering for Defence

Tue 23 Jul 2024 @ 9.30am
Tim Walmsley - BenchOn

Introduction to Defence & Defence Industry

Wed 4 Sep 2024 @ 9.30am

Marketing to Defence

Tue 15 Oct 2024 @ 9:30am.
Tim Griggs - Defence Industry Specialist

Next Steps in Defence

Tue 5 Nov 2024 @ 9.30am.